Saurashtra, Gujarat – A Travel Vlog

by | Mar 24, 2024

I recently got an opportunity to accompany the school students of our organization’s campus, Gram Swaraj Sangh, Kutch, Gujarat, we embarked on a fulfilling 3-day journey through Saurashtra, Gujarat. Our trip was a mix of visiting diverse places, religious sites, historical landmarks, beautiful coastline and wildlife encounters.

  • We started in Dwarka, where we admired the impressive Dwarkadhish Temple and enjoyed crossing Bet Dwarka, watching seagulls glide above the sparkling waters
  • Next was Somnath, with its ancient temple echoing centuries of devotion. Along the coast, our students revelled in the playful embrace of the sea, amidst camel and horses, capturing moments of joy and laughter
  • In Sasan Gir, we explored the wild terrain, hearing the roars of lions and spotting leopards. The sanctuary showcased nature’s beauty with diverse wildlife
  • Climbing Girnar Hill, adorned with hundreds of temples, was our grand finale. Despite the challenging 10,000 steps, reaching the summit rewarded us with breathtaking views
  • Reflecting on our journey, I felt immense joy and purpose guiding these students through new experiences. Every moment, whether at a temple, encountering wildlife, or simply bonding, enriched my adventure. Gujarat welcomed me warmly, leaving lasting memories in heart

Dive into the adventure by clicking the link to get a glimpse into our journey across Saurashtra

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