Vision &



Our vision is a future where leaders in all spheres of life are driven by compassion, commitment and understanding of the social challenges that India faces and have a deep desire to make a difference.


Our mission is to engage young Indians in nation building. We want young Indians to get exposed to the myriad social challenges that India is facing and find their leadership potential, shape their future and make a difference.


Create a learning platform for young Indians who undergo an 18-month long journey of discovering their own leadership potential. It includes training, mentor-ship, reflections and hands-on work experience with a grassroots organization working on social issues.

We are looking for potential leaders of tomorrow. We believe that these leaders should exhibit certain values which are at the heart of a social leadership journey. The fellows, fellowship team, partners and all other associates would be expected to live by these values.



Be true to oneself and others without fear. Congruence between thought and actions

openness to learning

Openness To Learning

Committed to learn and also help others learn



Patience, a humble approach to service combined with good humor


Flexibility & Adaptability

Ability to be flexible and adaptable when facing difficult situations


Commitment To Change

Committed to explore ways to your own personal role to bring social change in society



Persistence in doing something that you believe in, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success