Where Does Jaggery Come From? [A Photo Story]

by | Apr 26, 2022

For 40 years of his life, Lal Singh ji has been cultivating sugarcane in the months of January-February-March. The average procurement of jaggery through ganne ka rass (sugarcane juice) has been 300-400 kilograms per season. The yield has never dropped below a 100 kilograms. As a fellow working in rural areas of South Rajasthan, I got a chance to visit his fields and present to you this photo series from Hathiyatalai village.

Then comes the scraping/cleaning of the freshly cut sugarcane using a koita.

This was the first time I got an insight of how strenuous it is to grow your own crop and create a final product out of it. I could first hand, get involved in 80% of the process, in one sitting, and if I have to take away one thing, it’s this – Multiple hands prepare each ingredient of the meal that we finally eat.

Personal health goals are achieved through several consistent practices, like eating healthy, regular exercise, sleep patterns but a crucial role in getting where you want, and living a healthy lifestyle is by genuinely respecting what you eat and acknowledging all the efforts put in by the farmers who work tirelessly day in and day out to grow and sell the grains that ultimately reach our plates. I am glad that I could witness this intensive and fruitful process.

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