Making Finance Easier For Rural Poor [A Video]

by | Jun 3, 2018

Rupal is from the first cohort of India Fellow. As a part of her field assignment, she got placed with Shram Sarathi, and is now the CEO of the same organization. Before joining the fellowship, she had studied development and for lack of options, was considering a career in corporate sector.

Shriram joined the team, again as a fellow, in 2015, and has since been making home-loans accessible for migrant labor in Udaipur. Earlier, he was working in the domain of Financial services with a capital advisory in Pune.

Today, both of them live in Udaipur and work with rural communities. Watch how the leap of faith (or call it a calculated risk) worked in their favor.

To know what some of the other fellows are doing after the fellowship, visit our Youtube channel.

गुलाबी सर्द

गुलाबी सर्द

रात के ग्यारह बज रहे है। मैं एक रेलवे स्टेशन पर बैठा हूँ। मेरे सामने बहुत सी...

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