Baha Parab – The Festival of Flowers

by | Aug 23, 2018

Baha, the flower festival of Santhals is celebrated between February and March every year – the Falgun month as per Hindu Calendar. It is a celebration to express gratitude and respect to mother nature. Baha is one of the biggest festivals of Santhals after Sohrai – the harvest festival. During Falgun month, one can see a variety of flowers like Mohul, Palash, Simul, Mango, Saal and more, which adds to the beauty of nature with colors and aromas. Birds and bees can be seen all around, chirping and drinking nectar from flowers respectively.

With these flowers, the life begins. The Santhals celebrate Baha each year to mark the communion of man with nature. This video shows the celebration in Chaklalpur village of Purulia District in West Bengal.

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