All You Want To Know About India Fellow [A Video]

by | May 7, 2018

Young Indians are often disinterested in their jobs these days, and are exploring career paths which may or may not align with their knowledge, interest and/or skills. It takes several years for them to figure out a combination of what they’re good at, what the world needs, what will pay and what they love.

India Fellow makes it easier by exposing them to a vast range of opportunities in the development sector, where they work with others and on themselves, through direct action and reflection. The fellows complete a holistic process of learning, coaching, mentoring, working at grassroots, and above all, self-discovery – to truly understand their leadership potential.

Know more straight from the team and alumni:

The program has had 96 alumni across the first six cohorts who have gone on to pursue interesting career paths. A lot of them work with grassroots and civil society organisations. Some have gone on to pursue higher studies especially in the areas of development and public policy, while a few have started their own social ventures.

The seventh and eighth cohorts are currently going on with 26 and 11 fellows working in challenging grassroots assignments with the host organisations.

गुलाबी सर्द

गुलाबी सर्द

रात के ग्यारह बज रहे है। मैं एक रेलवे स्टेशन पर बैठा हूँ। मेरे सामने बहुत सी...

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