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by | Oct 5, 2018

It has been 10 months being part of India fellow, if I count from the day of getting the email of selection.
7 months since the beginning of the fellowship.
6 months of working with the organization – UTMT (Under the mango tree).

To be honest, there aren’t any means through which I can express my emotions aptly. It has been overwhelming if I think about it in hindsight. Sure, there have been challenges but I no more see them as the aforesaid. The more I face them, the more they look like a fun problem-solving game that has become a part of the routine. It’s brilliant how there is so much learning unknowingly. Becoming unconsciously competent of the situation is to attain a greater control of one’s mind, which helps you not only face those so-called challenges but to make the best of them.

The term ‘challenge’ is subjective depending on who is facing it. We all have a few needs. Water and food can be at the top if I’m not mistaken; rest all can depend on a person and the lifestyle they fancy leading.

For me, fitness and well-being are the most vital. I’ve been involved in physical activities right from the beginning of school days, in different forms. While coming for the fellowship, there was no fear except losing touch with this vital aspect I can’t function without. India Fellow required us to work in remote locations, where getting a balanced diet could be a big asset and spending a year could just be heavy on the well-being. During the induction training, not being able to decide the menu and sensing a lack in physical fitness piled on to my worry. Our field locations were also unknown and I couldn’t wait to find out where I’d be off to. The decision was never in my hands and I could just hope for it to be in favor.

Umergaon, a town at Gujarat-Maharashtra border was told to be my field location for the year. It was probably the first time I had heard of it. There were multiple assumptions running through my mind. I just couldn’t wait to reach and analyze the possibilities to comfort my fear. Within the initial days, I decided on renting a space and staying by myself. It sure was a big step considering the number of chores I’d be left with, at the end of the day. Settling in a new region, understanding organizational work, being on-track with the fellowship requirements, completing household chores, cooking meals and taking care of fitness/well-being seemed to be a nerve-wrecking thought.

We all think of many things we’d like to do in a day but not all of us end up doing all of them. We can thrive for as much as possible. If we prioritize, then managing time is not a big deal. You got to get going without any second thoughts. Despite failing multiple times in achieving everyday agendas, I made sure I don’t set back and keep repeating the process, along with getting done with my physical training first thing in the morning, to stay on top of my game. It’s not only about finishing the most important task but also preparing for the rest of the day. There are days, sometimes weeks when even waking up early doesn’t work in my favor but it’s best to move on.

My appetite fades if I don’t exercise. I guess it’s either a blessing in disguise or the body is used to perform activities for as old as it is. Who knew I’d be eating better quality food here. I get easy access to most things organic, directly from the farms which not only taste better but are much more nutritious and healthy. Although my fitness level is nowhere close to the peak, it still is a good learning to push myself daily and be self-sufficient. Most of my fitness training happens on an open terrace or any other space that I find suitable for a session. I believe that such possibilities and opportunities are to be grasped and not waited upon.

Exploring the possibilities to move one’s body is just an area of interest and I’ve been tremendously curious to read and gain more knowledge on it. Another helpful practice has been penning my work down to easily analyze progress or lag. It helps in planning the sessions in a better way.

Somewhere in all of this, there is always a doubt that never seems to leave – whether I’ll reach my goals or not or if I’ll be successful in living up to the tasks daily and how is it that I’m going to do all this alone. I’m sure all of us have faced such situations in life on different aspects and in different situations but overthinking and procrastination can only lead to you not doing what you’re supposed to do at that moment. Actions amidst unstructured work timings and uncomfortable situations can help a lot to move through the worries of completing tasks. It’s good to not give your agendas a second thought but dive deeper into the pool of achievements…

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