What Defines Our Limits?

by | Aug 29, 2016

It’s not very often that you come across people from a completely different background than yours and get a chance to know their story. The first day of our induction training was a fine day in that regard. Listening to the fellow’s stories and life experiences was inspiring and eye-opening; it made me think, and reflect upon my previously held beliefs.

From all the fascinating stories my co-fellows shared, one in particular caught my attention and left me pleasantly surprised, even though it did not agree with what I initially thought was a fact. Being brought up in a metro and seeing a lot of recent success stories had left an impression on me, that in today’s world, anyone who wishes to succeed should have a good grasp on the English language. This is because I’ve seen many people struggle to make a mark and live up to their true potential because someone somewhere decided that their competency and capability depends on knowing this language. So to meet someone who was brought up in an environment where they mostly spoke the native dialect and even Hindi was rarely spoken, and listen to all he has achieved left me enraptured. It is people like him, I believe, who can change the mindset of the entire society, that the measure of a person’s worth lies in his integrity and values, and not in his ability to speak a foreign language.

A thing that was common in all the stories was that the limit to what a man can achieve is set by the strength of his will. This is something that I’ve always believed to be true, and it felt amazing to have that belief restored. Overcoming difficulties such as neurological diseases causing semi-paralysis to being bought up in an environment with no facilities; and yet managing to achieve more than what “normal” people do, made me respect their mental strength and tenacity. Any of the ordeals they faced could have left them broken, had it not been for hope and a belief in their abilities. It proved that it is our perseverance and hard work that enables us to rise above the ordinary; that people may push you down and life may present you with one challenge after another, but if you truly believe in yourself and never let go of that faith of yours, nothing is impossible. The mountains you have to climb could be higher and tougher than most, but they also have a better view. And it is important to remember that in the end, the person who wins is not the most talented or skilled one, but someone who never quits.

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  1. Swati Saxena

    I really liked the way you’ve given examples and comparisons. An easy read! 🙂

  2. Anupama Pain

    I think growingly my answer to this is just one – WE define our limits. You have any other suggestions?

    • Harsh Chauhan

      I agree…. That is what this post is about… ! 😊


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