The One Who Shall Not Be Named

by | May 6, 2016

By – Annu Sunny and Richa Williams

Lord Voldemort, formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, the sworn enemy of Harry Potter, the incarnate of evil, the most powerful dark wizard of all times is also referred as ‘the one who shall not be named’.

Over the last 8 months, we all have been there. You must be wondering where? The land of excuses. Some are big, some small and to some there is no atonement. They are an inevitable part of our life. You must be wondering, what are we getting at with all this. So here’s what this is about. When it comes to not fulfilling your commitment towards monthly blogs, and then making excuses about it, that our friends, is the equivalent of naming ‘the one who shall not be named’. Life is difficult and there is real evil in the world. Being your co-fellows we empathize with your pain and fear. By interviewing some of our friends and based on stories we have heard so far, we present to you, 15 excuses which shall not be named. These are real struggles of real people and our interventions. May be together we can defeat the evil that lurks within.

1. I am too lazy to write. It’s your problem, no one can help you with that.

2. There is nothing interesting happening. Go for a walk. Walk a hundred kilometers and then trace back to the start, walking! You might die but let’s say you didn’t, well… you’ll have an interesting experience to write about.

3. I have it in my mind but can’t write. Face it! You don’t have anything in your mind. It’s probably empty. We know this because this is officially the lamest excuse that anyone could have come up with. Excuse such as this, is officially a no-brainer.

4. No internet access … and still on WhatsApp all the time! Period.

5. It’s a Job. Well then leave the fellowship! Discover your journey.

6. Anyways I interact with my co-fellows about my experiences, why should I write? Point taken. Then don’t write. Upload your telephonic conversations on the blogging site.

7. I am homeless! … and you want a blog?

8. I am traveling. Good enough. Means you have time. And pen and paper still exists. Use.

9. Complicated Relationship Status. There! There!

10. I can’t write. Seriously? Which school did you go to?!

11. You don’t know it, but I have blogs pending in my drafts. You do realize, if this isn’t true and the word escapes and the team knows, you are as good as dead.

12. I don’t want to write. You will at least be credited for your honesty.

13. I am reflecting but not writing. I am very possessive about my thoughts. I can’t share them.

14. I can’t express myself. Maybe you need a drink 🙂

15. I have a Writer’s Block “SOLUTION” – Commit a deadline to Anupama and then see how the block unblocks. Not only because ‘Pain’ is intellectual, its spine chilling, blood curdling, hair raising, scary! In simple words, a great motivator.

Thank You.

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  1. Shankar Ravikumar

    I’m predicting a certain fellowship coordinator is going to be very happy to see this. 😛

    • Richa Williams

      ..with certain fellowship never know 😛


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