The Butterfly Chain

by | Dec 28, 2015

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic non-linear system can result in large differences in a later state. To put it simply, if in amazon a butterfly flaps its wings, then two years later a thunderstorm appears over Kansas i.e. no flap no thunderstorm. So just look around everything that you see from big mountains to an IPhone it is a result of small changes/events that might not have any direct logical connection to it. Even our body and mind is result of such changes that might or might not be in our conscious.

Now you might be wondering why I am telling all this. Well, as 2015 is coming to an end so I decided to take some time to thanks all those butterflies that have resulted in making me whatever I am today. Whether good or bad, but I am alive; have a healthy body and mind. That means I have all the necessary tools to experience life to the fullest. What can be better than this? Obviously if I go deep down this chain, those butterflies or to say those random changes/events have shaped me. I would have personally thanked each and every butterfly which is part in the making of me and my body-mind. But unfortunately I have no clue where all these butterflies might be. So instead I will be wishing all the people who have greatly impacted my life this year and in-turn the message can be passed to their butterfly chain and so on. I think then eventually the message might reach to those butterflies. :-D. In a hope that this might work, here goes my Butterfly Chain:

Family: Without your support I can hardly imagine myself doing anything. Your love and blessings has always helped me. No matter what I do in my life, without a doubt I always know you all will support me blindly and if not then I need to check what I am doing.  Mom, Dad, sis, Mamu, Mami, Chacha, Chachi Macy, kava-Radhe and all– Love

Anupama Pain: I know I accused you always for being a bad listener, but what can you expect from someone who is himself one. To be honest I have learned a lot from you. I have always welcomed your criticism and it has helped me understand myself better. A dialog I remember from one of the Harry Potter movies that “It takes a great deal to stand up to your enemies…but a great deal more to stand up to friends”, I think you show great courage while being a coordinator and friend at the same time. Something I am still trying to learn. It is great to have a friend and mentor like you.

Saurabh Mehta: Everybody has something to say, but how many of them are there to listen. If listening is an art then you are an artist and I must admit you are pretty good one. Knowingly or unknowingly to some extent I have learned this art from you. Although we met just few months back, but your impact on my life has been deep. It has opened whole new dimension in my life in past few months. It was just the silence that came and I started listening to my inner life better. This whole act of listening has revealed a completely different me and helped me to look more objectively. I owe this one to you.

Rahul Nainwal: “Never settle to be a mediocre”…These lines are still with me, that you said on our convocation and I am not going to stop till reach those heights. Your gyan has always inspired me, whether it is about marketing or about aiming high in life.

Sarath Chandra Divella: There is so much still left to learn from you, even after our long strolls. But two thing sticks is killing procrastination and having immense clarity. I don’t know if I have been able to completely get on with these two. But now at least I can see how it is greatly affecting my life and hope that I will soon overcome it. I am glad that I have a mentor and friend like you.

Nishant Paul: Relationships are very delicate and they need to be handled with care and love. By giving people margin and space you are not only strengthening relationship thread with them but it also helps them flourish better. All this makes life beautiful for you and people around. This is what I have learned from you. And it has set my life into a very different path. The way you show care and love for people, it has really touched me and got me into a deep transformation. Like something melted within me and I was able to realize my love for people around. Bhai you inspire me, be with it.

Prashant Sharma: Bhai, the trust you have shown on me few months back is tremendous. Even my best friends were not confident on me. But you showed a great trust. And came for our startup journey, after just a phone call; this means a lot to me. Also I love your “get into the unknown wala courage”, be with it. We will definitely do great work together one day.

Zoe, Charlie and Victor: I miss you guys and our facetious club. I can’t imagine my Sevalaya life without you guys. Don’t forget our after 5 years travel plan. We can even take doogle along.

India Fellow Family: Each one of you has taught me something or other. Whether it is Shankar’s intelligence, Rohini’s randomness, Shraddha’s sweetness, Shwetha’s discipline, Anusha’s exuberance, Conchita’s motherly love, Vinay’s smile, Arthi’s generousness, Lucky’s indifference, Gayatri’s creativity, Jhanvi’s coolness or Mohit’s charm.

Sevalaya Family: Such immense respect I have got from this place and these people. Even after belonging to a different place they never had treated me like an outsider. I was always been given proper care and attention when needed. Mr. Murli, Mr. Kingston, Ms. Anu, Mr. Anand and Ms. Annapurna a special thanks to you all for supporting me in this journey.

Message to all – Why not take some time, before this year ends and wish all those butterflies in our life?

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  1. Nishant Paul

    Bhai, please keep writing! I just love what you express every time you write something. You inspire me more than I can express, however much we may not be together! 😉 And thanks for reminding all of us to thank our own butterflies. Lately I had forgotten. In the process now. 🙂


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