Madhya Pradesh Turned Out To Be Interesting

by | Nov 16, 2016

While in school, we were taught so much about India, its history and geography. The long lists of state capitals, crops grown, languages spoken, population density and dance forms were dreadful. If that wasn’t enough, at home, my mom would ask me to learn and recite all of that. Torturous!

It would be easy to say that the teachers were ineffective and even easier to hold the education system responsible. So, let’s just say I was more interested in Maths, Chemistry and Hindi. It’s only when I got out and traveled, I discovered the hidden curiosity in exploring maps, architecture and stories of past. Before the fellowship, I neither got a chance to visit Madhya Pradesh nor had any friends who would educate me with tales from this part of the country. Three months on, I’m absolutely in love with Indore, slightly with Bhopal too and already have an elongated plan for next year to execute a road-trip across the state. Come along, anyone?

Sharing a few facts I found fascinating!


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