Because I Too Have A Dream

by | Nov 3, 2016

A brief Q&A with a 13 year boy from Village बलिया, Bihar. Well it’s my maiden attempt to speak their language भोजपुरी, it may sound funny (हाहा) but the sole idea of posting this video is to let people know his story.

He is somebody who does not like to go to school and I don’t force him to go either because he has a strong valid reason for that (lack of quality education in Government Schools).

He is a keen observer, has a great awareness of general knowledge, a boy who keeps questioning and has got a voracious appetite for learning. Watch the video to know how he responds to each question and what he aspires to become one day

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  1. Dyuti Sen

    This is brilliant. I would love to visit Parivartan again to meet this smart boy and learn Bhojpuri from you. 😀

  2. Esha Dwibedi

    This is so interesting. Now you need to teach us Bhojpuri.

  3. Swati Saxena

    Wow Anjali. I’m equally impressed by you as by this boy. Could never guess it’s you talking if we weren’t told. Keep interviewing and interacting with these lovely kids. Inspired much! 🙂

  4. Sonali

    Wow Anjali! I remember, you once told me you will learn Bhojpuri and look at you. The kid is so adorable….Good going Anjali!

  5. arunamspace

    First of all, Thanks for thinking outside the usual box! I really appreciate Ashish’s candour and comfort in expression. His willingness to learn other than what’s usually available at schools speaks of the similar hopes/wishes of children from rural pockets in India. And therefore, it’s quite commendable to see India Fellowship’s efforts towards immersing young graduates like Anjali in such different and diverse setting to familiarise and invigorate the other India.

    Ashish, Wishes for becoming an IAS officer! There’s indeed a breadth of opportunity available with the civil service, I’m sure there’ll be equally fulfilling opportunities for you to bring a positive change.

    Again, Congrats to Anjali. Really a brilliant post. Some more of text in the blog, reflecting from your side as part of the exercise, would have made it equally good.


  6. vanditasurya

    Good step taken to promote global citizen India…#quality education. Must say well done!

    • Nikita Dcruz

      Hi. Thanks for your comment, however this space is more to document the experiences of the India Fellow Program. Anjali here works with Parivartan in Siwan, Bihar. You can read more about the fellowship here

      In the end we too hope that the voices of the field resonates with the world. Do read the rest of the cohorts blogs, you might like it 🙂


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