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by | Jul 26, 2017

It was 25th June 2016, when I got the call letter from the India Fellow program, at the same time I started planning the journey and preparation for the Induction training which is this year also happening in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Udaipur (Our new batch of fellows is already reaching there). I was very excited to be a part of the journey I always thought of living. In my mind, I prepared myself to do all the hard work just to live this year to the fullest and enjoy every single day of my journey.

Soon after the Induction, I came to Madhya Pradesh and started working with Samarthan – Centre for Development Support, Bhopal. In my host organization, I got the amazing experience of growing as a person as well as the development professional. I initially started working in the villages of Sehore District on the issues related to water, sanitation and women empowerment. That was the time my story got featured by one of the travel bloggers visited my fields  Mr. Abhinav Singh (A Soul Window)

Mentioned below is the link to the story:


Soon after he published my story I got featured on another page on Facebook named “The Positive India”. Follow the link below:


After these features and sharing my stay in the villages and the incredible experience I got in the entire duration boosted my confidence which never happened to me. I started thinking that I am doing something good in life that these people are praising my efforts because sometimes it happens when you want to hear it from people around you that you are doing good, and that’s the human nature.

The best part was when I become an author and till now I have written ten blogs on India fellow, this is my eleventh one. Follow my blogs on the link mentioned below:


I also got an opportunity of public speaking on the occasion of Women’s Day when I participated in the event organized by a Outcomes Delivered “i-Diva Women Extraordinaire”,  there I participated with nine other talented women from MP working in different fields and setting up an example for all. There also I was the youngest and I was so confident in sharing my fellowship journey. It was one of its kind of experience which I had that day.


While sharing my journey at “i-Diva”

I traveled to different states during my journey, I visited Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Ladakh which again gives me many things to learn or unlearn and change the perspective the way I used to think. When I started traveling I already become the explorer. As every person has their own taste and interest of traveling. I mostly visited such places which were peaceful and calm and gives me the inner peace.

   Meeting with women in Sehore                           Travel being part of life                                          Project in Ladakh

I also started a page on Instagram which is dedicated to sharing stories from the villages and rural areas of our country in which my co-fellows are also contributing and hence we are trying to familiarize the outside world with the inspirational and positive stories from the lives of people we live with in our year of exploration. Follow the link below to find the stories posted on the page “india.unexplored


This was the year when I tried anything and everything with that I explored my strengths and weakness and also realized the potential that I had. I could have shared the moments when I felt lonely, frustrated and disheartened but that I think is a part of everyone’s life and portraying that in my article would not give any image of the journey and achievements I had this year. The achievements I got and the way I enjoyed the journey I something which is worth sharing and reflecting on, also with that I will do justice with my experience in rural Madhya Pradesh.

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